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Sophisticated Designs. Endless Possibilities.

We invest deeply in cutting-edge R&D and innovative technologies to give our engineering and design teams the freedom to create next generation lighting concepts that are functional, beautiful, installation-friendly, and energy efficient.

Thoughtfully Designed. Products Built To Last.

Our 30 year history of working with major transit systems across the United States uniquely positions us to create lighting solutions that withstand extreme environments and have the flexibility to be integrated into even the most complex designs.

We Make Lighting Do What Others Cannot

Apogee Lighting was founded over 30 years ago on the revolutionary belief that light and art are one and the same. We continue to be one of the fastest growing manufacturers of high performance, energy-efficient infrastructure and architectural lighting in the U.S., offering a variety of high quality commercial, industrial, and residential lighting solutions.

Engineered by Design

Our engineers blend craftsmanship and science for products that are thoughtfully designed and functional

Attention to Detail

Innovative design and manufacturing oversight yield lighting systems that consistently perform as expected

American Made

From design to delivery our products are made in America


We make next generation lighting systems that push the limits of what’s possible


We develop products that make people feel safer, happier, energized and more productive in any environment


We invest deeply in R&D and design patented lighting systems that anticipate tomorrow’s lighting challenges

Broad Product Range

From single fixtures to complete lighting systems or made-to-measure solutions, we have the right lighting products to meet your unique needs

Customer Focused

360-degree service and support throughout the life of our products ensures customer satisfaction at every stage of your project

Environmental Control

Our solutions make light do what others cannot, giving our customers total control over every aspect of their lighting environment

Lower Total Cost Of Ownership

Our products are easier, faster and more affordable to install with less downtime and fewer maintenance needs


Our energy efficient lighting systems help customers save valuable resources now—and in the future

Long-Lasting and Durable

For 30 years we’ve built lighting for rugged environments with products that are robust and built to last


Apogee Advanced Technology

Power Supply Improvements:
Apogee PowerPlus
Flicker Free Microdrive Technology made by Apogee Lighting

Operate lighting directly from a 120V AC line with no power supply to hide or feed. Benefits include enhanced reliability, enabled long runs up to 300 feet, and reduced labor and installation costs.

Products: Solara®, Cloak & PureFlex®

Ease of Installation: Apogee TotalFlex
Wafer Boardmade by Apogee Lighting

Allows custom cut length of fixtures, LED tape and boards in 1″ increments in the field without causing performance issues or project disruption.
No soldering or splicing in-field is required.

Reliability: Apogee ReliaTech
V4R Series Vandal Proof made by Apogee Lighting

Products feature rugged, long-life, solid-state designs that can sustain the harshest environments and resist shock and vibration. Heavy gauge housings and high-tech finishes ensure long-lasting durability.

Environmental Improvements: Apogee EnviroTech
Integrated Patented Acoustic Dampening made by Apogee Lighting

Highest noise reduction rating (NRC rating) of .95. Essential for lobbies, conference rooms, restaurants, shared workspaces and anywhere large groups gather.

Products: Pixel & Lightscape®

Featured Products

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Lightscape® Series

Clean. Bright. Uniform. Glare Free.


High Efficiency Flexible LED Neon.

Pixel Series Acoustic LED Panels

Luminous ceilings with patented integral acoustic dampening.