The most complete Subway Station Lighting System in the Industry from the originators of the integrated electrical system for rail applications.

No two subway stations are exactly the same. Even if the lighting fixture can be identical, architects encounter many unknowns when designing a lighting system that also acts as a life safety system. As technology advances, so does the requirement for complex wiring systems in rail installations. There is no lighting company with more experience in rail applications than Apogee. Our legacy Translite 97 & 99 Line product families are prolific across the USA. Apogee has listened to its customer requests, and the PLS is our latest wireway plus luminaire system. The PLS was designed to take full advantage of the latest LED technology, enabling a vast feature set in a compact installation. Our a la carte design build system includes integration of emergency lighting, fire stobes, speakers, wifi repeaters, and of course all electrical wiring conduits for all trades. No two Apogee PLS systems are the same, and no one-off request is denied. We are the only true design build company for rail installations.

Main Features

Mounting Icon made by Apogee Lighting

Industry first No effort replacement system (NERS)
Open the wireway system, disconnect the power, and release the fixture with the patented quick release hinge.

IP Rate Icon made by Apogee Lighting

Industry leading testing IP65, IK10, Metal brake dust just to name a few.

Efficiency Icon made by Apogee Lighting

High Efficiency

Less watts, more light = faster and cleaner installations than the competition

Hybrid EM Tech Icon made by Apogee Lighting

Hybrid EM Technology
An original Apogee Lighting technology dating back to Incandescent emergency lighting.
Run our fixtures directly off the 3rd rail indefinitely or power them for 4 hours off our integrated battery.

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