Luminous Ceilings
With Patented
Integral Acoustic

Pixel Series LED Panels

An ideal solution that combines acoustic dampening and LED lighting, Pixel Series LED Panels maintain a high degree of uniform light distribution and are custom tailored for backlighting architectural stretch ceilings. The lighting panels are optimized to provide 100% diffused light when installed behind stretched membrane diffuser ceilings. The ceilings can be custom manufactured and configured to meet any required installation area, including low plenum, complex shapes, and wet locations. The ceilings are designed for easy maintenance and installation.

Main Features

Acoustic Dampening Icon made by Apogee Lighting

Patented Acoustic
NRC Rated – (0.95)

Ceiling Grid Mounting Icon made by Apogee Lighting

Patented Ceiling
Grid Mounting

Light Color Icon made by Apogee Lighting

Static White,
Tunable White,
High CRI

Proprietary Optic Tech Icon made by Apogee Lighting

Proprietary Optic
Technology On Low
Plenum Options

Light Lifetime Icon made by Apogee Lighting

10+ Year Lifetime
In Redundant LED
Driver Options

Human Centric Icon made by Apogee Lighting

Human Centric
Tunable Fixtures

High Efficacy Icon made by Apogee Lighting

High Efficacy

Natatorium Rated Systems Icon made by Apogee Lighting

Natatorium Rated

Case Study

World Trade Center
Tower 3

We partnered with Silverstein Properties to imagine and engineer an impressive lobby experience at World Trade Center Tower 3. Apogee was selected for the project as one of the few companies that had the creative capacity to design a concept that was just as powerful and important as the building itself. Our team created a bright, seamless, luminous ceiling and floor to ceiling panels with spectacular color-changing accent lighting throughout, for an unforgettable experience to both visitors and tenants.

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