Apogee Lighting partnered with Lighting Designers Kugler Ning and Work Place Strategy/Planning and Interior Designers, The Switzer Group to develop a custom-designed ceiling system combining effective overhead illumination with acoustic dampening across a new Hudson Yard office property. This area is designed as the central hub for the organization.

“We are honored to have worked with the incredible professionals at both Kugler Ning and The Switzer Group on this new Manhattan flagship workspace,” said Jim Hunter, new CEO at Apogee Lighting. “Their employees will truly benefit from this amazing work environment created to enhance their performance now and as they continue to expand.”

This was an extraordinarily challenging backlighting project, and we were very happy to partner with Apogee to deliver a top performing circadian-effective lighting system.  We collaborated with leading circadian scientists to tune the spectra of 6500K and 2700K LEDs with Apogee’s dynamic-white PXL system.  The solution utilizes addressable 2-channel drivers to independently control the output and color channel.  Additionally, the PXL fixtures lay into a tile grid for ease of maintenance, and incorporate acoustically absorptive backing for auditory comfort as well.” said Burr Rutledge, Principal at Kugler Ning Lighting.  “The result is a system that adjusts the spectrum smoothly throughout the day to deliver a circadian boost in the morning and a calming effect by evening.  Apogee was exceptional in their service throughout the process, including samples, mock-ups, and field service teams to guide the contractor during installation.

“The ceiling concept was inspired by the sails of the boats navigating along the Hudson River.”  said Luc Massaux, Design Principal at The Switzer Group. “The collaboration between the teams involved in developing the design for the trading floors ceiling was flawless. Together we created a custom ceiling that fills the space with even light, follows circadian rhythms and energizes the environment.”

About Kugler Ning Lighting

Kugler Ning Lighting is a top, award-winning, New York City architectural lighting design firm. The majority of our clients and projects are located in the New York City area, but our work spans North America and abroad. We collaborate with owners, architects and designers to enhance visual hierarchy and bring focus to each project with lighting.

We offer a full scope of services from schematic design through the construction phase. In addition to luminaire specifications, shop drawing review and lighting drawings, our services include production of meticulous working details for custom fixtures and mock-ups. Staff skills include AutoCAD, AGI, and Revit. Our team approach allows us to produce cost effective designs in a timely and efficient manner.

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About The Switzer Group

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The Switzer Group believes that the environments we design reflect cultural values and contribute directly to one’s happiness and productivity. By applying the strategies of clear communication, thoughtful interior design and effective execution, the Switzer Group is a catalyst for evolution, helping clients to advance their environments into optimally productive and culturally relevant spaces that reflect the future of their businesses.

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